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Field Safety School

Field Safety School

Jungclaus is an industry leader in training.

When most contractors talk of Safety training, they mean toolbox talks and the occasional OSHA class.

At Jungclaus-Campbell, in contrast, Safety training is part and parcel of the larger ProTraining™ program that includes hazard analysis, accident investigation and training in inspection as well as knowledge-based training on the technical details of construction. Now in its 22nd year, our training program is a key part of Jungclaus’s ability to deliver lower total project cost.

Every year we invest a substantial sum in formal training that takes place in our Training Room, not on the job. Tellingly, the students are not just superintendents and office staff but ordinary carpenters, laborers and finishers.

When we say we have a top-to-bottom Safety organization, we mean it.

Want to know more? We would be happy to have you observe our next session of the Field Safety School. Please contact Tim Nagler, President.



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