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Jungclaus-Campbell developed ProSafety™ out of necessity
because we regularly perform dangerous work – with perfect safety.

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Featured Project: Field Safety School
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ProSafety™ isn’t just a clever slogan.

It’s a top-to-bottom Safety program that has yielded a 15-year average EMR of .70 – even as we perform work far more complex and dangerous than most firms ever perform.

Some key elements of ProSafety™
and our current EMR of .80:

  • Behavioral-based. We seek to inculcate safe behaviors, thereby addressing the root causes of injuries.

  • Training. Only two percent of all contractors spend as much on training both in the Field Safety School and in ProTraining™.

  • Planning. Every job starts with a detailed ProSafety™ plan.

  • Inspection. Nobody else inspects for Safety the way we do.

  • Involvement. With ProSafety™ every employee works as a Safety officer.

  • Relentless improvement. After investigating an injury caused by a rescue saw, we adopted new Safety rules. Strikingly, our investigation prompted changes to both the blade manufacturer’s Safety literature and our insurance company’s standard protocol for rescue saws.

ProSafety™ integrates perfectly with Safety programs in industrial plants.

ProSafety™. It’s a key component of Jungclaus’s ability to deliver lower total project costs.


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