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Complex roofing projects made simple.

Among our special areas of expertise is managing complex roofing projects where deck must be replaced and equipment removed from the roof without disturbing ongoing operations. Since 1990 we have completed more than $15 million of this roofing for industrial clients. Our staff includes a Registered Roof Observer.

Some typical challenges:

  • Remove 550 tons of structural steel and replace hundreds of concrete roof tiles before doing more than $700,000 in coal tar roofing over an operating auto plant.

  • Remove transite asbestos roofing over a major aluminum foundry and replace it with new steel decking and a cold-applied roofing system while open hearth furnaces bubble beneath.

  • Take over a contract for a failed roofer and provide $2.4 million of reroofing so that a major manufacturer’s new product line could enter the market on schedule.

Let Jungclaus plan and manage your roof projects to minimize cost and disruption and to guarantee ProQuality™ and ProSafety™.

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