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A record of success in renovation
and historic restoration.

We have renovated every type of building there is and have restored some of Indiana’s most famous landmarks.

Our crews are masters of careful, selective demolition as well as the imagination needed to fit new finishes into old buildings. Thus we are able to make accurate budgets, of inestimable value to the owner planning a restoration.

Since we built many of Indiana’s landmarks, it’s natural that Jungclaus is often called to do historic renovation. Each job presents special challenges. On one project, it’s applying gold leaf to cast aluminum eagles that were re-welded to repair the ravages of time. On another, the challenge is refinishing historic bronzes by glass-bead blasting and then recreating their original patina. However detailed and demanding the work, count on Jungclaus for exacting restoration.

Renovation & Historic Restoration Experience:

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  American Legion Mall

American Legion Mall

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