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Solving building problems demonstrates expertise.

When faced with building problems, owners can benefit from our combination of practical knowledge and engineering expertise. A few of the problems we have diagnosed and solved (after owners had spent large sums on consultants who got it wrong):

  • A major automotive manifacturer called us to diagnose the cause of movement in factory slabs. Our analysis changed the design of slabs on all future projects.

  • One bearing wall of a major paper mill was disintegrating. We diagnosed the cause, recommended a solution and determined the problem was not structural – yet. Before calling us, the owner had, unfortunately, spent a great deal of money on a “solution” that had only exacerbated the problem.

  • A new school had persistent roof leaks. We traced the leaks to the improper design of expansion joints.

  • General Motors wanted quiet for engineers working in an elevated office in a stamping plant. We devised a simple structure to eliminate noise.

If you have a building problem, contact our President, Tim Nagler. We will be happy to help.

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