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Experience in all types of correctional facilities.

A common misconception is that jails are simple piles of brick. In contrast, we know jails require the most intense planning and coordination and management. Hiring Jungclaus as the Construction Manager will help prevent the problems caused when inexperienced contractors tackle jails.

We have built and renovated everything from county jails to the highest-security facility in the Federal Prison System. Our experience includes masonry structures, precast cells, control rooms, administration buildings and large dormitories.

Correctional Facilities Experience:

  • Segregation Housing Unit, Carlisle, Indiana

  • Maximum Security Wing, Federal Prison, Terre Haute, Indiana

  • Montgomery County Jail / Addition & Renovation

  • Administration Building, Carlisle, Indiana

  • Dormitories (2), Indiana Youth Center, Plainfield, Indiana

  • Barthomew County Jail / Addition & Renovation

  • Vigo County Jail / Addition

  • Hancock County Jail

  • Clinton County Jail

  • Grant County Jail
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