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Featured Project

Ball Memorial Hospital
$5.8 Million Patient Area Renovation
Muncie, Indiana

Ball Memorial Hospital

Quality comes first.

When we learned that even the slightest residue of the old flooring adhesive would cause the new sheet vinyl to peel up, we purchased a shot-blasting machine and removed it. The $85,000 cost was not part of our estimate because this adhesive was hidden when we priced the job.

Citing some technical language, Ball Hospital refused to reimburse us. In spite of not being able to recoup this enormous expense, Jungclaus continued to prepare the floors correctly from start to a proud and problem-free finish and consistent with our core principle: to deliver lower total project costs.

Footnote: we showed the hospital areas where contractors had not prepared the floor properly and where the seamless flooring was already bubbling loose.




Featured Project
Ball Memorial Hospital /
Patient Area Renovation

Indiana University Hospital /
Gamma Knife Facility

Mary Sherman Hospital


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