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For speed, cost savings and quality,
Design-Build delivery can’t be beat.

Guide Corporation
Featured Project: Guide Corporation / Headquarters
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When your contractor takes the lead in both design and construction, the process is called Design-Build. To your Design-Build project Jungclaus-Campbell brings its proven expertise as the design-builder for the world’s most demanding companies: General Motors, Dow Chemical, Union Carbide, Praxair – to name a few.

In our hands, Design-Build brings owners the projects they want at a price they can afford. This doesn’t mean a bare-bones design, however, but rather a balance – determined by the owner – between cost and glitz.

Your control over the project improves with Design-Build because Jungclaus provides a single source for planning, design, management and construction. Result: we deliver lower total project costs.

Always, the first step is to learn what the owner needs. Regular, open communication and team-building are key ingredients of success. We gather steam early and accelerate key decisions in order to compress the schedule by ordering long-lead items while continuing design of interiors and finishes. Disciplined review of the plans ensures high quality.

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