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Design-Build Experience

Destec Energy
Administration, Control & Process Plant Buildings
for $650 million Coal Gasification Plant
Dow Chemical, Destec Energy Division
Terre Haute, Indiana

Destec Energy

Because Destec Energy, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical, was under the gun to build this plant in time to meet federal funding timelines, they came to Jungclaus-Campbell to design and build every building in this picture. Jungclaus played a key role in meeting those deadlines.

Among the specialized design elements were giant sliding doors – some of them 20 feet high and 100 feet in the air. Our Design-Build Department engineered them and we built them in our well-equipped shop.

Pleased with our performance on the first phase of the project, Destec awarded Jungclaus a change order for more than $1 million.



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