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Jungclaus brings the partnering philosophy to every project.

We lead Indiana in Partnering, a way to improve cooperation. Developed by the Corps of Engineers, Project Partnering is a structured program with a simple premise: if the key players focus on communication, understanding and trust, the project will go more smoothly.

We have promoted Partnering to these owners:

  • Dow Chemical
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • State of Indiana
  • Capital Improvements Board of Marion County.

Dow Chemical’s Destec subsidiary was so enthusiastic about the Partnering Jungclaus promoted that it demanded other major project firms also participate in the Partnering program. Thus it is true to say that all parts of the $450 million coal gasification plant (pictured above) were built with the Partnering model that Jungclaus promotes.

Partnering as we practice it is a hard-nosed program that identifies specific problems the team must solve before they become major obstacles. In every case it has been an unequivocal success. Our experience mirrors a Construction Industry Institute survey that

Credits Partnering for:

  • Improved quality on 95 percent of Partnered jobs
  • Improved communication and teamwork 82 percent of the time
  • Making jobs more productive and less adversarial.

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