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Some Quick Facts about Jungclaus-Campbell:

  • Owned since 1875 by one family, now in its sixth generation of active management.
  • More than $40 million in bonding capacity.
  • Long-term customers include:
    • General Motors. 92 years
    • Praxair (and its predecessor, Union Carbide). 100 years
    • Allison Transmission. 68 years
    • Methodist Hospital. 83 years
    • St. Mary-of-the-Woods College. 126 years
  • Works in Indiana and neighboring states.
  • Owns $3 million in top-flight equipment.
  • Industry-leading ProSafety™ program.
  • A leader in Self-Performed work: earthwork, concrete, demolition, carpentry, steel, siding, miscellaneous metals, specialty roofing.
  • Expert in industrial Design-Build for companies like GM, Praxair, Union Carbide, Dow Chemical and Guide Corporation.
  • Active QA/QC ProQuality™ program supports exceptional quality.
  • ProQuality™ and Partnering success meant we spent less than $13,000 total on legal fees from 2004-2011.
  • Experienced in Green Building & LEED construction.

Teamwork & Trust are fundamental

Building teams and sharing information contribute mightily to our success. Our medium-size means senior management attends to even small details during planning of projects and also follows up with frequent site visits. Trained in communication and scheduling in our ProTraining program, superintendents rarely have jobsite emergencies.

Teamwork and communication reinforce ProPlanning™, our formal planning process. It’s a disciplined, by-the-book way to get the most quality work done in the shortest time.

Owners love it.

As for problems, we believe in solving them immediately and at the lowest level, while emphasizing openness and trust. This equates to the handshake with which we have done business since 1875.

It’s a natural.

Jungclaus-Campbell Compnay, Incorporated
825 Massachusetts Avenue |  Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
toll-free 1-800-229-3149  |  t: (317) 264-6655  |  f: (317) 264-6659  |